Angie Palmer: Tales of Light & Darkness

~ Thursday, 11 June 2009
Angie Palmer has a soul steeped in Americana. Not easy when you come from Lancashire. This album released in 2006 found its way into the heart of Bob Harris and the Radio 2 play list.

This is her second album, an honest and gutsy affair that draws from some pretty dark places without ever feeling, well dark. While it is true that it is not breaking any new ground, the songs are strong and the assembled cast of stellar musicians make it a passionate affair that is hard not to like.

Tracks like Premonition Blues, The Ballad of John Henry and The Secret Between the Sun & The Moon work best, while others like Letters From Home and Ravens just don't really seem to get going.

It is evident that Palmer is a competent songwriter, but in a genre where the competition is fierce, that may not be enough to make her stand out.

[][][][ (3.5/5)