Aynsley Lister: Equilibrium

~ Tuesday, 30 June 2009
This is the sixth studio album from the Portuguese born guitarist and is one that will keep the fans happy and should pull on board a few new admirers.

There is no doubting his skills as a guitar player and for this album he has also brought on board two other renowned guitarists in the shape of former Pretender Robbie McIntosh and The Mercurymen's Simon Johnson.

The album has a retro feel about it bringing to mind early Bryan Adams and the comparisons to John Mayer are hard to ignore. This makes this an album that could see him manage to break into the American market.

Album opener Soul is a catchy piece of AOR and bring to mind the one of my favourite bands, The Gin Blossoms. Lister gets a chance for a guitar work out with the funky Time's Up, a beast of a song, but he won't win any awards for his lyrics. The guy has more cheese going on here than the deli counter at Tesco.

While the rockier stuff certainly get the foot tapping, it's on the more mellow tracks that he really shines on this album. The cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy is a masterstroke. Given an acoustic slide blues workout, it is hard to place it till the chorus kick in. Early Morning Dew is another track that is given an acoustic slide backbone and is a real highlight.

Lister manages to tick most boxes for the blues and rock lover with Southern boogie (Sugar Low), blues shuffle (Running Out On Me) and full blown rock (Big Sleep). As a guitarist he certainly has a great style, there are better players out there in this vein, but it is his songwriting that lift him above others out there. An ideal album for the hazy nights of summer.


[][][][] (4/5)