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~ Wednesday, 10 June 2009
** We regret that we are no longer able to accept submissions in a digital format (ie download, streaming etc). **

If you would like to be reviewed on the site
, then the first step is to read the info below and then contact us by email on info[at]themusiccritic[dot]co[dot]uk

The Music Critic exists as an outlet for reviewing acts that want an honest and unbiased review. The contributors to this site all write for various national publications, so The Music Critic gives us a chance to write about acts that we don't get to write about in our day jobs.

We don't approach an acts to review their material. All material reviewed is sent to us by either the artist, their record label, management or pr comany. As such we take it that you want us to review what you have sent us, so please don't send us abusive emails if you don't agree with the review you receive. It is only the opinion of our writers.

Our guidelines:

Pleas do not add us to any mailing lists. We will block your email and ip address.

We review albums, singles, and ep's only. We don't review dvds, do interviews, post press releases or list live gigs.

We only review official releases. Don't send us demos, we won't review them.

If you send us an album, single or ep for review please contain a biog, links to websites and date of release etc.

Although we mainly review new releases, we will review official re-issues. Telling us that you have re-issued your album because you have 100 left in a box in the garage won't cut it.

We accept submission on cd or vinyl only. Don't ask us to listen to your stuff via streaming sites like soundcloud or download it. We simply don't have the time.

Please don't bombard us with emails asking when your review will appear on the site. It will appear when it appears.

Please don't send us emails calling us 'F##ki#g c@#ts' because you are unhappy with the review. If you can't take it, don't send it.

If you make music that is sectarian, sexist or racist then you are a twat. Don't send it to us. It goes in the bin.

Here is our pledge to you.... If you follow the guidelines we will review your music whatever style it is. Simple as that.