Henry Priestman: The Chronicles Of Modern Life

~ Wednesday, 24 June 2009
Henry Priestman has tasted success as the songwriter for multi million selling band The Christians as well as playing keyboards for Echo & The Bunnymen and others, so it is a surprise that he has waited so long to release his first solo album. Well.... you'll be pleased to know that it has been worth the wait.

The album is a refreshingly wry look at the modern world through Priestman's eyes and is packed with humour and lost political ideals. This is not so much a record, more of a manual for surviving the modern world for the over 35's. (and yes that is a good thing).

The radio hit, Grey's The New Blonde, written as a love song for his wife is timeless while Don't You Love Me Know More will have anyone who has been cast on the job scrap heap giving a knowing nod. Old is a two fingered salute to those who think anyone over 50 is past it. I think there is a theme developing here...

He Ain't Good Enough For You is for all the fathers across the nation who have despaired when their daughters drag their latest boyfriend through the door.

This is a fantastic piece of work. Heartfelt, but with its tongue firmly in its cheek. Chronicles is a life affirming affair. I don't know if Henry is a genius or just a grumpy old man. I just know I like it.... no, I love it.


[][][][][] (5/5)