Christopher Bell: Cover (e.p.)

~ Wednesday, 29 July 2009
The concept behind this ep is filled with good intentions from the 23yr old from Upstate New York. Taking 'five songs from five of his friends' and playing them in his own style is in principle, an interesting idea.

The chances are that most people will never have heard of any of the acts being covered here, never mind Bell himself, but a wee bit of rooting around on the net and you can find the originals of the tracks covered here. That though reveals the fact that Bell's versions of the songs are almost identical to the originals. This begs the question, so why cover them?

The only merit to this ep is the introduction to some of the bands that are covered. Be Bold Brave Robots, The Accident That Led Me To The World and Tom and Leah's Investigation Agency Inc are all worth checking out.

Bell is a competent songwriter in his own right, so why he felt the need to record, never mind release this ep is best known to him.