Crosby Tyler: 10 Songs of America Today

~ Wednesday, 1 July 2009
Crosby Tyler has came to many peoples attention through his association with erstwhile mentor and producer of this album, Peter Case. While he lacks the insightful narrative of Case, his music displays an endearing honesty that make this an album that is easy to warm to.

With this album, Tyler has used each song to portray the America he knows and the things that he loves and hates about it. It was inevitable that George W Bush would pop up and he takes pride of place in the shooting gallery on Leave It All In The Hands Of The Lord, a wry look at George's belief that god is a republican.

The Spanish tinged Six Tattoos and a Tongue Ring is a look at youth culture in his native LA while he manages to confronts a few of his own ghosts on Red, a song about his memories of his father.

The album closes on
Marching Down Them Golden Roads, perhaps the strongest track on offer. It is true to say that there are no real classic on here, but as I said earlier, there is an honesty to this record and it has grown on me with every listen. For once it is refreshing to hear someone sing about what they know rather than pretending to be something they are not. For that alone I doff my hat to Mr Tyler.

[][][][ (3.5/5)