The Ettes: Danger Is (e.p.)

~ Friday, 17 July 2009
The only negative to listening to this EP from New York-born, LA based trio The Ettes is you immediately fall in love with them and want leave home, rob your local drugstore and drive into the plot of a Tarantino movie with Danger Is EP as the soundtrack. You know it’s just lust. It’s a seedy, secret, sordid affair that will never work or last but what a blast and what a ride. From the pulsating bass on the opener No Home to the early Blondie and Ramones Lo and Behold where singer Coco pleads to ‘let’s die together’. By the time the Sonics laced rifferamma of Subject kicks in, you’re hooked.

Normally by looking at the cover you can write the review before listening, all the dark, moody, posturing and style over content, but not these cats, they’re the real deal people. They know what they’re good at and deliver well structured pop tunes. Three great songs and two live tracks give a brief and fleeting glimpse of a band on the verge of something special. The Ettes look the part but also deliver, making you dust off your old Nuggets and Pebbles compilations, put a fuse in the turbo boost bass fuzz pedal, have you forming a garage band and doing a cover of ‘Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?’ by the Cramps.

Wonder if Phil Spector’s allowed visits? If so, he should get his wig back on and hook up with The Ettes. The wall of sound created by Poni’s immense drumming and Jem’s cavernous bass sound, kissed with Coco’s melodramatic vocals are a perfect beat-punk example of how pop should be. The danger is, (oops sorry!) they might be too big to chat up at the bar in a few months time, buy this EP and become friends now.

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Review by Charlie Brown