Hollie Smith: Long Player

~ Wednesday, 1 July 2009
The New Zealand soul starlet will be a new name to most here in the Northern Hemisphere and this album passed pretty much under the radar in the UK, but back home she is a very big star indeed.

The music is fairly laid back throughout and is designed more for chillin' than burning up the dance floor. Her voice has shades of Mary J Blige and even Lisa Stansfield, and while perhaps not the most powerful of voices, it certainly has its warmth.

The first half of the album is certainly the strongest with opener Can't Let You Down and I Will Do being the stand outs, but after a while many of the tracks become indistinguishable, due to similar instrumentation and repetitive tempo.

There is enough here to suggest that the best is still to come, but if she plans to break the market outwith New Zealand, then it won't happen with this album.


[][][] (3/5)