Manna: Some Girls/Some Boys (Single)

~ Wednesday, 1 July 2009
This is the debut single from the Finnish popster, who if we believe the publicity 'combines elements of rock, punk and folk with beautiful pop melodies.'

Now... the likes of Goldfrapp and Little Boots do this stuff very, very well, so if you want to compete in this market, then you gonna need something pretty special.

Sadly Manna fails miserably. This is a turgid piece of electro pop that sound like it was composed by an 8 year old on a bontempi keyboard while searching for the on button. The vocals are almost inaudible as they are so far back in the mix, but perhaps that is a good thing.

As a taster for her forthcoming album released in September, it really is a miserable affair. Expect to hear it on Radio 1 very soon.