People In Planes: Beyond The Horizon

~ Wednesday, 1 July 2009
This is the second album from the Welsh five piece and represents a massive leap forward from their debut, As Far As The Eye Can See. Their debut found them being compared to Radiohead and Pearl Jam and those comparisons won't go away with this new album.

The production on this one though is darker and harder and this gives the songs a polish that was lacking from their earlier work. This record has the potential to make the guys household names.

Opener Last Man Standing has shades of fellow Welsh rockers Lostprophets, not a bad thing, and the thumping bass line is hard to resist. The bands leaning for art rock and the leftfield are still there in the form of Get On The Flaw and Flesh and Blood.

Front man Gareth Jones's vocal are the one constant that threads everything together, like a relaxed Eddie Vedder or Screaming Trees Mark Lanegan.

While this is definitely rock, it also has a pop feel with touches of americana and psychedelia
thrown into the mix. The comparisons with other bands out there continues with the stand outs Evil With You, a brooding slow burner that I imagine the Fleet Foxes would sound like if they made a rock album and Tonight The Sun Will Rise kicking off with Kasabian style bass and drums.

That is perhaps the strength of this album, that it reminds you of something else. Not wholly original, but wholly enjoyable.

[][][][] (4/5)