Windmill: Epcot Starfields

~ Wednesday, 22 July 2009
With the anniversary of the Moon Landings upon us there has been a rash of releases with themes relating to space and the stars and one man outfit Matthew Thomas Dillon makes a contribution to that list. Fueled by a childhood visit to the Epcot centre in Florida, he has let his imagination run wild with a science fiction landscape that is stark and disturbing.

His debut album, 2007's Puddle City Racing Lights garnered critical acclaim across the board, but with this slightly one dimensional release, he may struggle to match the plaudits.

The faux American accent wears a bit thin only a few tracks in. The voice is whimsical, twee even, sounding like They Might Be Giants John Flansburgh parodying himself, giving it a nails on blackboard quality.

I suppose we could call it a concept album and I suppose that as such it works. Listened to as a whole it has a sound track like quality, but this results in all the tracks sounding pretty much the same. Repeated listening has failed to have any individual song stick in my head.

The arrangements certainly paint a picture in your mind of the isolation and endless darkness that was portrait in films like
2001: A Space Odyssey or Silent Running, so if that was Dillon's intentions, then he has succeeded, but without the visuals to back it up, it is just repetitive and monotonous.

[][] (2/5)