Wye Oak: The Knot

~ Thursday, 16 July 2009
Baltimore duo Wye Oak play indie folk, sounding like a leftfield White Stripes, with Jenn Wasner's vocals reminiscent of The Pixies Kim Deal. This makes them a rewarding and interesting prospect for those who look for something that little bit different.

Album opener Milk and Honey is short and sweet and sets the tone for the rest of the album with its cinematic soundscapes underpinning the melody. Take It In rumbles in the chorus while in the verse the muted bass highlights the bluesy guitar picking.

Mary is Mary, the longest track at over 7 mins long is an epic and sweeping piece of dark Americana and also quite beautiful.

Siamese is the nearest they come to a pop song, the violin lifting it above the ordinary. On Tattoo the band experiments with sound in the same way Arcade Fire do and pull it of gloriously.

Recorded in their living room, it has a naivety that brings to mind band like Big Star and even Neil Young. Wye Oak bring a refreshing twist to a genre of music that can so often be stuck in a rut and The Knot shows that is can be fresh and inventive.


[][][][] (4/5)