Angie Shaw: The Other Side Of Blue

~ Friday, 21 August 2009
This, the debut from the Yorkshire songwriter, was released in 2008 and has received a re-release due to Shaw's inclusion on the 2009 Children in Need CD. Shaw music has its roots in Blues, but there is definitely a nu folk psychedelic vibe in there and her voice has a warmth reminiscent of Edie Brickell.

There is one thing about this album that is hard to ignore and renders the first few tracks un-listenable, the out of tune guitars! Seriously, a deaf man with ear plugs could spot it a mile away, so why the producer Phil Snell or the band didn't is a mystery. Prime example of this is on the title track where the slide guitar is excruciatingly out of key.

It is a pity that this album is flawed, as Shaw has a beguiling voice and some lovely songs. Sweet Little Dreamer with its country vibe and harmonies could easily be found on a Sheryl Crow album while the excellent Waiting For The Day sounds like Eleanor McEvoy in her finest form.

The album closes on Boy, an ode to her son and a quite beautiful song. With better production and a guitar tuner, this could have been a descent album. As it is, it does show Shaw's talent as a songwriter and her fine voice, but the flaws makes for uncomfortable listening.

[][] (2/5)