Dave Arcari: Got Me Electric

~ Monday, 24 August 2009
Arcari is an artist that is hard to define, not in terms of the music as it is blues, but in his delivery, owing as much to Joey Ramone as he does to Leadbelly. Blues purists may baulk at Arcari's take on their beloved music, but there is no denying it is hugely entertaining. If the Devil ever wanted guitar lessons, he would probably look up Arcari.

Got Me Electric is a melting pot of rockabilly, punk, country and delta blues delivered in Arcari's rasping Scottish drawl that sounds like it has been earned with years of roll ups and Jack Daniels. Most of the 13 tracks on here are under 3 minutes, which is perfect for this style of music. Armed with a resonator guitar, Arcari guides us through the dark underbelly of life with a mix of self penned songs and a couple of choice covers.

The Bluesier tracks work best for these ears with Homesick & Blue a real touch of class and the cover of Robert Johnson's Walkin' Blues lulling you into a false sense of security before Arcari's trademark mayhem ensues. Soul of a Man is as near a ballad as your gonna get here and is a superb piece of delta inspired blues.

Scotland's national bard is covered here with Parcel Of Rouges and we're sure Burns would approve. It's always going to be hard to capture the raw energy of Arcari's live shows, but this album has a good stab at it. So warn the neighbours, put the cat out, send the kids to their grannies and turn it up. You know you want to.


[][][][] (4/5)

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