Jinder: Nine Cents From Benelux

~ Tuesday, 11 August 2009
This album from the Bournemouth songwriter mixes re-recordings of tracks from earlier albums alongside new songs with his familiar Americana sound to the fore. Jinder was more recently seen as the front man of the hotly tipped, but short lived Mercurymen. The pop sensibilities that he showed with the band have been deserted and what we have in Nine Cents From Benelux is a tight, well written and performed piece of work that is pleasant but falls far short of what he is capable off.

The album kicks off on what is its strongest track. Train In Your Voice is a perfect showcase for his powerful vocals, the rumbling organ underpinning the whole thing and is really quite a beautiful song. Frozen Ocean is short and sweet, the discord between the guitar and voice giving it a haunting quality.

There is no doubt about Jinder's skill as a songwriter, so it is disappointing that Wait In Line and In My Time Of Dying feel like fillers, the production on both these tracks sounds lifeless and flat, while the cover of Don McLean's Vincent is a pointless exercise and adds nothing new to the song.

Silver Wings Of Morning closes the album and is the type of song that Jinder excels at but only serves to beg the question why there is not more of this on here. He has it in him to make an amazing album, sadly this isn't it.


[][][ (2.5/5)