Simon Todd: Contracts For The Sale Of Land

~ Friday, 21 August 2009
There seems to be a whole sub genre of music out there that while not in the mainstream has a large and loyal following. Guys like Charlie Landsborough who fills concert halls up and down the country with pensioners taking a night off from the bingo for his hackneyed take on country and folk. The reason that I mention this is that Simon Todd's music inhabits this world of uninspiring songwriting and run of the mill production.

Blessed with a voice that is cabaret in every sense of the word and songs that are decidedly middle of the road, it feels like something you would see on Britain's Got Talent or Stars in their Eyes. The lyrics don't help matters. Todd trys to tell stories with his lyrics, as on Pithead Wheels, but while the sentiment is worthy, cramming in as many words as you can into the verse just makes it sound clumsy.

By now you can probably tell I don't like this record. I can normally find something positive about any record, but I seriously can't here. The production is truly awful with the mix all over the place, so this does not help Todd's cause, but ultimately it is the lack of quality songwriting that lets it down.