Temposhark: The World Does Not Revolve Around You (single)

~ Monday, 17 August 2009
Every so often you get a cd through that just hooks you from the very first listen and this brilliant piece of indie bubblegum pop from Robert Diament, aka Temposhark, is one of those. This is quite possibly the most perfect pop song I have heard all year. It really is that good.

Diament obviously has an ear for a great tune, blending his 80's electro influences with the pop sensibilities of the classic 60's pop. The song has already made an impact in the US, being picked up by MTV.

It's one of those songs that gets you right from the start. Bouncing drums, thumping bass, stabbing piano, screaming guitars, shouty vocals and that killer chorus make it impossible to resist. As a taster for the forthcoming second album to be released early 2010, it is a mouthwatering morsel. This is going to be massive and rightly so.