Woodpecker Wooliams: Diving Down

~ Monday, 17 August 2009
This is the latest release from James Reid's mightily impressive Autumn Ferment Records, a label that champions alt and nu folk in all its many guises. In the past they have brought us some brilliant releases including Lisa O Piu, Noiserv and indeed Reid himself, but sadly they have misfired on this the debut long player from multi instrumentalist Gemma Williams.

There is little to like here. The songs, well I say songs, but that is paying them to high a complement, are naive and difficult to listening to. William's voice has a child like quality that quickly starts to have a similar effect on the ears as nails on a blackboard.

Ok, maybe I'm being to hard here, as I Shot You is actually pretty good and does suit her vocal style, but one swallow does not make a summer. Williams may be a multi instrumentalist, but that does not mean that she is particularly skilled at any of them. The poor instrumentation coupled with the production (or lack of it), makes this an uncomfortable experience that I won't be repeating.


[] (1/5)