Beak: Beak

~ Saturday, 26 September 2009
It’s hard to muster up anything positive to say about Beak. They make a hangover feel worse. There’s no doubting the Bristol trio’s pedigree with musician and producer Geoff Barrow having worked with Portishead but it sounds as if he’s showing off with his mates. The best part of the Beak experience is the relief when it’s finished.

The immediate listen is painful. The second one isn’t any easier and by the third only Battery Point and Ears Have Ears are close to salvaging.

It’s self indulgent and just not very good. It’s released on label, Invada which thankfully, Geoff Barrow part owns. Probably for the best as no one else would touch them. I get the idea of musicians doing their own thing and doing it for their art. If there’s anything constructive to say then that’s it, they’re being true to themselves. It could maybe work as an art installation but that’s about it.

Barrow Gurney sounds like Dr Stephen Hawking short circuiting at karaoke. Flax Burton feels like a migraine while having root canal surgery without anaesthetic.

The music, the blurb on the band proudly tells us, is recorded live in one room with no overdubs and recorded in 12 days. It sounds like it too.

A limited edition box set version of the album is available direct from the Invada website. Fans can get a specially designed box with a CD version of the album, a limited edition CD EP, 12” vinyl with 2 bonus tracks and a T Shirt. All this can be ordered from below. What’s written on the T shirt? Beak: music to perforate your eardrums to?

[] (1/5)

Review by Charlie Brown