Tim Schmidt: Slower Things

~ Monday, 14 September 2009
Swedish singer/songwriter Schmidt could never be accused of being work shy with a schedule of non stop touring across Europe and self releasing his material to a growing fan base. The music is just him and his acoustic guitar, simple, plaintive and at times quite beautiful. The songs are very much from the Bob Dylan school of songwriting, with the vocals coming across as extremely Dylanesque. This may be due to the fact that he is effectively singing in a foreign language, well foreign to him (English).

The use of open tunings gives some of the songs an ethereal feel. Blue Monday/Slower Things and Brighton Beach bring to mind the early work of English troubadour Martin Stephenson or Paul Simon. The production on the album has a slightly homemade feel about it, perhaps because it is, but it gives it a depth and gravity of warmth that is hard to resist.

The best is saved for last with the beguiling She Moves Me. The warmth of the finger picking enhanced by the percussive effect of the nylon strings. This is simple music and no mistake, but why should it be complicated when it can be this good. There are many songwriters out there just ploughing their own furrow, totally untouched by the commercialism that is rampant in music. Schmidt is one of those musicians and I say god bless them.


[][][][] (4/5)