The Brothers Movement: The Brothers Movement

~ Thursday, 22 October 2009
Hold on.... just want to check something. Nope, it is not an early Verve demo. Sorry about that, but The Brothers Movement have a very similar sound to Richard Ashcroft and cohorts, but slightly more psychedelic. Hailing from Dublin, you get the feeling they used to listen to The Frank and Walters and it rubbed off on them. In a previous life the band were called Mainline and touted by the likes of NME and Q, only then they sported a harder sound than this new incarnation.

The 11 tracks on this self titled debut are all deeply rooted in the bands obvious love of the psychedelic sound, coming across like a poor man's 13th Floor Elevators, but it is the production and not the songs, as weak as they are, that really lets this album down. The mix is reverb laden and the guitar sounds are harsh, making for uncomfortable listening.

The album opens with the best track on the record. Blind could easily be a Verve track, with Neil Paxton sounding uncannily like Richard Ashcroft. Someday also works well, the interaction of the guitars with the organ lifting it above the ordinary. Unfortunately the rest of the album fails to ignite any passion as they trot out a succession of 'Madchester' sounding tracks that even bands like Northside wouldn't have touched with a barge pole. The Salute and Coming Home feel like the band are trying to be the Stone Roses and failing miserably.

This really is pretty turgid and uninspiring stuff that is badly recorded and executed. Avoid.

[] (1/5)