Her Make Believe Band: AM Radio

~ Friday, 2 October 2009
The debut long player from this quirky band hailing from Auckland, but based in London, is a confident and infectious piece of work. Based around the songwriting talents of Cy Winstanley, they produce a masterful blend of Americana fused with Jazz, Soul and Pop. The bubblegum melodies are given extra depth by the vocal harmonies of Winstanley and Vanessa McGowan, with Winstanley sounding uncannily like a cross between Paul Simon and Tim Finn.

The previously mentioned vocal harmonies are used to great effect on the album opener Welcome Home, a song that sounds like a long lost 10,000 Maniacs masterpiece. The production is excellent, allowing the songs to breath and beautifully warm. The title track and The Last Hour however, manage to steal the limelight. Building slowly through out, both are lovingly crafted slices of Americana.

This is an easy album to get into, sure the lyrics are throwaway, but the music is seriously good. Sometimes you just want to listen to something that isn't trying to change the world. It does have its tender moments though on Lonely Soul and I Can't Help Dreaming Of You, both having a feel of Neil Young, Harvest Moon era, about them.

This is a record that is hard to pigeon hole and all the more enjoyable for it. A truly worthwhile addition to anyones music collection.

On a non musical note, the digi pak packaging of the cd is made from 100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable paper foam. A nice touch.


[][][][][ (4.5/5)