Newton Faulkner: Rebuilt By Humans

~ Saturday, 10 October 2009
If this was a novel, the editor would be brought in and quite rightly slapped about. At the core is a decent enjoyable album but the listening experience is somewhat hindered by too many throw away snippets like Cheltenham, Intro, Resin on my Strings and Resin Theramins. Where Faulkner thinks he’s been quirky, he’s just being self indulgent and interrupts the flow.

Self-editing in any creative format is crucial and on She’s Got The Time, Faulkner and his mates are relaxed as they jam out on a Dylanesque throw away tune. If people around him were smart they’d see that if it was worked on, expanded and developed a hit single could’ve been unearthed. There are too many things happening on this record, chief among them, is Newton Faulkner trying to find himself musically.

Having said all that, there’s no doubting his popularity is down to endeavour, charm and performance. Badman and I Took It Out On You are good songs and in Over and Out there’s a hit single.

Newton Faulkner is marketed as a singer songwriter. If that’s the case, on the evidence of this album, the song writing part isn’t too far off but needs developed. His singing and guitar playing are good but the song writing part needs work. What drives Rebuilt By Humans on is while the songs aren’t outstanding or earth changing, there’s a confidence and belief which is infectious.

On the strength of a repeated listen this album is not an unpleasant experience but it’s not life changing. The overriding feeling is that it’s nearly a great record and could’ve been so much better.

[][][] (3/5)

Review by Charlie Brown