Sol Skugga: Fairytales and Lullabies

~ Tuesday, 13 October 2009
Swedish singer songwriter Skugga has been steadily releasing albums in her homeland with a Gothic metal edge in the vain of Evanescence and Flyleaf. There are also folk and electronica influences thrown into the mix. The resulting sound it akin to what you would expect Sweden's entry into the Eurovision song contest to sound like.

If you like the watered down soulless sound of poodle permed 80's soft rockers Heart, then you may indeed love this album, but Skugga unfortunately does not posses a voice anywhere near as good as either of the Wilson sisters. Say It opens the album and things look promising with the vocal samples and funky bass line. Sadly this lasts all of 10 seconds before descending into a cliché
ridden slab of naive pop. This song more or less sums up the album, in that there is no real depth to the songwriting. Title track Fairytales and Lullabies makes excruciatingly painful listening, the wispy vocals only serving to irritate the ears further.

It is hard to find any redeeming qualities about this album. Sweden has produced some rockers of real quality in the likes of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Millencolin. Sadly Skugga is not one of them and instantly forgettable.

[] (1/5)

Review by Dylan Lennon