Albino: I Love Everyone (single)

~ Wednesday, 2 December 2009
Yeh.... A Christmas single that does not feature Noddy Holder or a squeaky voiced child trying to fill you full of the sentiment of the festive season. Albino are a folk based collective from Widnes who have obviously had their fair share of horror filled family Christmases. The music ticks all the Christmas single boxes. Sleigh Bells. Check. Pan Pipes. Check..... You get the idea, but it is the lyrics that are at the heart of this twisted ditty.

We all have that one relative who gets blind drunk and tries to touch up the daughter of a family friend and tearfully tells everyone how much they love them never to be seen again till next Christmas. This is their anthem. I would not expect to hear this on radio 2 over the festive period, but it would make a refreshing and enjoyable change. All together now..... Bah Humbug.