Gliss: Devotion Imposion

~ Wednesday, 2 December 2009
The jury is out for me on this one. In fact, to be honest the jury’s out, came back and delivered a rotten verdict. Gliss! You’re being banged up. I sentence you to 18 months listening to some decent records in the hope that you learn about structure, arrangement and how to switch off and stop hiding behind a distortion pedal.

I’m not sure if the band are too busy trying to be cool and stay with it with interesting tweets and tales of their mates and partying on the road, but the good bands can do both, party and deliver great albums. You’re trying too hard to be cool. Though maybe they are cool and I’m missing the point? Fair enough.

There’s just a feeling that I’ve heard it all before and I have, loads of times. I don’t know. It sounds particularly eighties and not too the inspiring. There are some nice touches such as 29 Acts of Love and also on Morning Light which are good but you spend more time trying to remember who they sound like. I’m not sure if they’re really into this or they’re just taking the Gliss? This album should’ve been called Style Over Content. The songs aren’t strong enough and it feels like they’re standing in front of the mirror waiting for pop stardom to arrive. You’ve missed the boat.

It also sounds like they’re the bitter old guys in the hip pub that used to be cool but can’t quite give it up. Sometimes you wish people would just be a bit more inspired, try a bit harder. We don’t need another copy of a copy of a band doing their best to be a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sound-alike with the ubiquitous hippy chick with cool cheek bones trying to do her Nico really low in the mix.

It sounds like they read the book of rock’n’roll, but fell asleep at the bit about talent. This in case you haven’t picked up yet, is a resounding no. This is turgid, uninspiring and average. They get one mark for at least having a go. This is all I have to say.

[] (1/5)

Review by Charlie Brown