Michael MacLennan: History (e.p)

~ Wednesday, 2 December 2009
MacLennan may find it hard to avoid comparisons with the likes of Jamie Cullum or Billy Joel, but then again that is not bad company to be in. This e.p showcases the jazz/pop style of the Scottish songwriter and will certainly find him favour from the radio 2 faithful. Title track History is a jazz infused ballad that benefits from a great arrangement and MacLennan easy piano style.

The Long Goodbye is a storming anthemic slice of pop that brings to mind Hothouse Flowers and Marc Cohen. Rousing stuff. The sugary Let It Fall is the one track that fails to connect, perhaps because he has set such a high standard with the other two song. The e.p concludes with a studio extra in the shape of I Don't Know Why, a plaintive stripped bare piano and vocal track that shows their is a lot more to come from the talented songwriter.