Twinkranes: Spektrumtheatresnakes

~ Wednesday, 2 December 2009
This mini album from Dublin 3 piece Twinkranes is an attention grabber from the off. A blend of driving beats, droning organs, electronic squeaks and aggressive guitars are put to good use on this psychedelic album that Beefheart would have been proud of. There is not much known about these guys. The existence of a biog is noticeable by its absence, so it is fair to say that fame and fortune may not have been the aim with this record, but it may just come their way regardless.

The instrumental opener High Tekk Train Wrekk makes for an uncompromising start. A bullet from a smoking gun that is as infectious as it is un-nerving. This album won't be everyone's cup of tea. Hell, I don't even know if it is mine, but it is highly original.

The production is a straight ahead no frills affair that adds to the retro vibe of the whole album. Witch Hunt is a track that kind of sums up the whole feel of the band. A riotous explosion of relentless sounds that encompass the senses and beats you into submission, while The Charmer strays into prog rock territory ala Emerson, Lake and Palmer, showing a willingness to take on the unfashionable.

Listening to the 7 tracks on here is an interesting, challenging and ultimately rewarding experience that shows a band pushing the bounderies and all the better for it.

[][][][] (4/5)