Baby Scream: Identity Theft

~ Wednesday, 27 January 2010
I’m completely split over Baby Scream’s seven track mini album Identity Theft, released on Recorded Recordings. The band are basically Juan Mazzola, a talented Argentinean songwriter with a fixation but also a clear love for Lennon. The problem with aspiring to sound like the legendary ex-Beatle is no matter how close you think you’re getting to identity theft (ha, see what I did there?) you end up sounding like a Lennon impersonator but unfortunately it’s not Winston O’Boogie your getting, it’s probably closer to a Julian Lennon impersonator.

On one hand you’re left thinking, what’s the point of going to all this bother and difficulty to make a decent attempt at sounding like your hero when you clearly have the songwriting talent be more original? On the other hand, you’re thinking it’s clear you can write and sing and this release does have an endearing quality. On songs like Memories and Nicole there’s some tidy guitar playing and a clever melody.

Having said all that, it’s a decent collection of songs recorded with some nice touches. Definitely one for the Lennon fans, just as a curiosity.

There’s no denying Juan Mazzola is a decent chap and his determination and resilience might surely see some type of breakthrough and this could happen by writing more songs like the stand out track Underground Blues. As long as he steers clear of the buttons on the recording studio mixing desk with John Lennon on Imagine, John Lennon on Walls and Bridges and John Lennon on Double Fantasy he’ll be fine.

[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown