Chad Neaves: Something In My Soul

~ Thursday, 28 January 2010
It's a tough old world out there for the singer songwriter. There are millions of them plugging away, singing their hearts out, yet only a few will actually receive any recognition. It's not always a level playing field and the public are a fickle lot. Just look at James Blunt. The plastic population could not get enough of his insipid sterile acoustic pop at first, then.... well you know the rest. Blunt has happily been replaced with the likes of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz and this may prove the making of London lad Chad Neaves. Neaves music has that summer vibe going on and this coupled with his rich voice and good looks may well make a star of him.

Something In My Soul is an album filled with funky acoustic pop that is hugely infectious. Opener Wonderful Day is simple, yet it is lifted by Neaves spirited vocal performance, though it is one of the weaker tracks on offer. Neaves knows how to craft a pop song and demonstrates this on the excellent 7 and This Is War. Both have a whiff of James Morrison about them, though Neaves voice is far more poppy, but no less warm.

It could be said that this is not the most original album you will hear and Neaves certainly plays it safe throughout, but sometimes playing to your strengths is exactly what is required. Take In My Jungle and You Mean More. These songs lodge in your head. Songwriting that is infectious, simple and leaves plenty of room for that voice to do its magic. Playing to his strengths all the way. This album is an assured and confident piece of work that is sure to have the majors sniffing around. Remember the name.... I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Chad Neaves.

[][][][] (4/5)