Collapse Under The Empire: Find A Place To Be Safe

~ Wednesday, 13 January 2010
There is some pretty good music coming out of Germany at the moment. No seriously. You may mock, but unlike the closeted and manufactured music scene here in the UK, our European brothers have a far more liberal attitude to music where they are less inclined to want to put a label on everything. Hailing from Hamburg, the duo of Matthew Jason and Chris Burda is a prime example of this. The post industrial rock (damn.... see, got to put a label on it), is dark and brooding with Gothic undertones (I just can't stop myself).

This is the second full album from the instrumental duo and shows a keen understanding of the cinematic grandeur of creating soundscape, but..... it is just crying out for a vocal. A Trent Reznor if you will to make the experience complete. On tracks like the epic Decay and Crawling you feel that they don't quite fulfil there potential, like Cinderella without the glass slippers.

There are some moment of sheer joy on here though. Intelligence and Far to the Past are both ambient soundtracks that beg to be played at excessive volume while driving late at night creating a different and relaxing mind set. The terrible band name aside, these guys have a lot going for them. The music is well written and produced, but just lacks the dynamics that a vocalist can bring to the mix. This is a good album and certainly worth checking out.

[][][][ (3.5/5)