Joensuu 1685: I'm On Fire/Perfect Grace (single)

~ Friday, 15 January 2010
This Finish trio have a sound that lies somewhere between with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Stone Roses and Placebo. Shoe gazing is alive and well on this double a sided single.

You would be hard placed to recognise this cover of the Springsteen song as the reverb laden feedback interlaced with relentless driving beats give no clues until nearly 3 minutes in when the vocals kick in. I'm sure that fans of the boss will probably tut vigorously in sheer horror, but this really is a mighty fine and somewhat epic version of what is arguably one of Springsteen's finest moments.

The flip side Perfect Grace is slow, brooding and instantly likable. Again the reverb heavy guitar is perfectly matched with Mikko Joensuu lazy vocals. Joensuu 1685 really are a breath of fresh air.