Katsen: Basic Pleasure Unit (ep)

~ Thursday, 14 January 2010
Katsen divide people. You either like the twee retro electronics and even more twee monotone vocals or you hate it. I have to admit I did like their debut album despite Donna Grimaldi's flat and uninspiring vocal performance, so it is good to see that with this ep we get a far more polished affair than the album.

The music has a happier vibe and Grimaldi's vocal have improved greatly. She is still an acquired taste, but there is definitely an improvement.
The ep kicks off with forthcoming single Where Nobody Can Find Us sounding like Depeche Mode circa their debut album Speak & Spell, but stand out track is reserved for the immensely enjoyable A Soulless Party where the other half of this duo, Christopher Blackburn, takes over vocal duties. Again it is hard to ignore the Depeche Mode comparisons, but make no mistake this is killer track.

As I said, Katsen will not be everyones cup of tea, but I do like them and with each release they are certainly improving. Their love of retro and kitch electro sounds remains. It's just that its became all grown up.