Kria Brekkan: Uterus Water (7" single)

~ Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (aka Kria Brekkan) is probably best known for her work with former band múm, but this Icelandic chanteuse has lent her talents to a diverse range of acts including Animal Collective and Slowblow. This limited edition 7" vinyl contains 3 tracks that are back to basics with 'recorded in a bedroom' production. Lead track Uterus Water has an ethereal feel to it, dark and chilling child like vocals are dissected with echoing guitar and running water, but it sounds like it belongs as a soundtrack to some avant guarde art flick. Basically... it is boring.

Place of You is the only track that actually sound like a proper song. It brings to mind the excellent Lisa O Piu and has a warmth and naivety that the other two track lack. Final track Ribbon Bow is nothing more than a collection of vocal chants that only serves to annoy. Is this music?

Valtýsdóttir is far more talented than this mis-judged limited edition release suggests.