Maneatlikepig: A Glorious Egg

~ Tuesday, 26 January 2010
If music is about cranking it up to eleven and not caring what the neighbours think, then Maneatlikepig is just what Doctor Feelgood ordered. Take three times a day and listen to loudly. They do their own thing and clearly enjoy it. Their rocking opener Freak em Out sets the tone with guitar hooks reminiscent of Dr Feelgood and the Hives.

There’s punk and rock and even some prog so all the boxes are ticked. These guys know their musical chops and there’s a nod to the Stooges on Kiss Me Baby. We take an interesting detour by Soaking My Mind all with it’s own Yardbirds guitar hook and the feel of those Nuggets compilations of classic UK 60’s garage psychedelia. By Pigdog and 5 Year Stretch we enter into Captain Beefheart and Cramps territory.
You can also hear Blue Cheer on Black Oil Blow and The Fall on English Town.

The band can play, with great drumming throughout, especially on Zephyrus.

Music in its purist form is about entertaining and Maneatpig do this with a tongue warbling in their cheek, even to the point of parodying Pink Floyd in the final track, Pig Fluid.

It’s not sophisticated or hip or filled with grace but what you do know is that they have a great record collection and they’re clearly enjoying themselves. The only downside is why it’s taken them so long to get this out? If they did it 10 years ago, they would be stars by now.

A Glorious Egg is available through all local records shops and the usual outlets but also can be bought for £7.99, that’s 8 quid in old money via their label website at


Review by Charlie Brown