My Son The Hurricane: Check The Barometer (ep)

~ Tuesday, 19 January 2010
11 piece funk/blues/hip hop collective My Son The Hurricane are a strange beast. Imagine Fishbone jamming with De La Soul and you get close to what these guys are about. It's not particularly original and the lyric are pretty laughable, but the music has an infectiousness that comes through. Like they are having a hell of a lot of fun. This is music with a smile on. Sadly though, they have a weak point that is hard to ignore.

Of the four tracks on offer here it is Back Pocket that has its groove on. This is a sexy slab of funk with a slow groove that could easily fill a dance floor. The MC vocal style of Jacob Bergsma sit uncomfortably most of the time with the music behind it. Big Red works until Bergsma opens his mouth. The lyrics are truly atrocious and he sound like a parody of Vanilla Ice. When a bit of self restraint is applied by Bergsma, MSTH work, but unfortunately that doesn't happen much and it starts to irritate. Hard to see how this could work over a full album when the novelty quickly wears thin after a few plays of this ep.