Standard Fare: The Noyelle Beat

~ Friday, 22 January 2010
Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation are quickly becoming one of our favourite labels here at TMC towers. They seem to have a knack of finding quirky bands that have a penchant for making great music, and all from Sheffield! With a roster that includes Cats For Peru and Katsen, Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation are an indie label that are showing the majors how it is done. Their latest release comes from indie popsters Standard Fare and the band have produced an incredibly infectious and catchy album.

Their indie tunes have a pop heart that is instantly likable. With most of the vocal duties taken by bassist Emma Kupa, they bring to mind the spiky pop of Orange Juice or Altered Images. Her vocals have a slight nasal quality that is actually quite endearing, but it is when vocal duties are shared with guitarist Danny Howe that prove to be the highlights of the album. A Night With A Friend, Secret Little Sweetheart, Edges and Corners and Be Into Us feature the afore mentioned combination and the vocal interplay really lifts these songs to a new level.

Some of the songs on here, like Dancing and Fifteen, remind me of Vampire Weekend and lets face it, not a bad band to be compared to. This is a mighty fine album from a band that are sure to stay on my radar for the future, especially when they can write songs like I Know It's Hard. A song that is as near to total perfection as you can get. Buy this album. You won't regret it.

[][][][][ (4.5/5)