Domus: Epimetatmospheric Paradise (ep)

~ Monday, 1 February 2010
The Argentinian duo of Diego and Tomas have been described as 'the Simon & Garfunkel of Argentina' (why?) but it is David Bowie whose shadow hangs large over this 4 track ep. From the vocals to the arrangements it's there, but sadly the music is nothing like the quality of the Thin White Duke. The first thing that strikes you is the amateurish muffled production. The music sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track using a C60 cassette with reverb set to eleven.

Opener Teysela brings blandness to a new level. The plodding acoustic guitars go round in a monotonous loop while the inaudible lyrics only serve to irritate as they are too far back in the mix. The Bravest Girl On Earth continues the pain for the listener. The vocal harmonies, well I say harmonies in the loosest term of the word, are so disjointed and out off tune as to be painful. Thankfully the quality of the songs, if not the recording, do improve with the last two tracks. Fingertips is still miles away from being the finished article but is at least more structured while the only true relief comes in the form of God Knows I'm You. The overbearing 'harmonies' are gone and the music is allowed to breath revealing what is actually a pretty decent song.

This is a pretty appalling piece of work that shows a great deal of disrespect to the listener in terms of the quality of the production. There is simply no excuse.