Poostosh: Herbarium

~ Saturday, 13 February 2010
Poostosh are a Moscow based trio and this is their third album, available on Untime Records. Herbarium is in the ambient/instrumental/cinematic style. It’s interesting that I was listening to this while out walking on a Saturday morning in a freezing winter’s day and the whole vibe perfectly suited the moment.

My first impression is this would be wonderful music for a movie. Let’s set the scene. A Black Merc, tinted windows, drives slowly into surreal chaos and confusion. We focus on the eyes of the driver. He’s dead. A car chase with a dead man. OK, it’s a weird David Lynch movie? That kind of look, maybe they are alive, driving at 3AM in a concrete jungle with fast cut aways. Maybe if there’s a Moscow version of the Wire, with scenes from decaying deserted Russian train stations. Sorry, enough already.

On the songs Rain Autumn DPRSSN and Information Pressure Doesn’t Affect an Eagle those who are fans of Neu, Faust and Can will be left happy. On Life As We Forgot It those with a fondness for Pink Floyd will sit up and listen. It’s also close to the Brian Eno envelope and certain small parts reminded me of U2’s The Edge 1986 movie soundtrack for the film ‘Captive’.

Ambient electronica isn’t normally my bag but there’s an interesting quality that’s sets Poostosh apart. There’s a tension, imagination and evocative nature to their work and with any luck if Herbarium reaches the discerning ear of any Hollywood directors then we could see their music reach the stage it deserves.


[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown