Slaraffenland: We’re On Your Side

~ Wednesday, 24 February 2010
Slaraffenland are an experimental pop band from Denmark. Track one isn’t that experimental or original. On Long Gone they sound like the Polyphonic Spree jamming with The Arcade Fire. Meet and Greet sounds like XTC. Not that’s there anything wrong with this especially if it delivers in such an entertaining way.

We’re on Your Side is the eagerly anticipated follow up to the band’s 2007 well received album Private Cinema. Slaraffenland is translated as the land of Milk and Honey. With this album they might be getting there, though very slowly. The road has flattened into a long endless highway out of every Americana road movie, going on forever.

The truth is, with a bit more structure to their songs and less work on studio techniques and wall of sound vocals and drum overdubs this could’ve been a great record. The Right Place is the perfect case in point. It could be a hit single if it was longer, better arranged and had a bit of structure and less going on in it. It’s too busy. On Hunting they stray too close to comfort toward the clichéd banality of The Fleet Foxes or Midlake which is a shame as the song deserves better. When they are less busy and keep the kitchen sink out of the mix on songs like Postcard, they sound so much better. Someone has to shout 'Less is more' if they can be heard above the noise.

Here at The Music Critic office we often have to say what a band is like with brevity and clarity, almost like a Tweeter feed. I’d say ‘A Scandinavian XTC doing cinematic experimental pop, close to the Polyphonic Spree, Arcade Fire and at times Midlake’.

[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown