Everyone's Talking: Dragonflies

~ Wednesday, 10 March 2010
The Canadian duo of Dani Rosenoer and Evan Kuhn have a sound that flirts with classical arrangements while being based firmly in the pop rock arena. It is hard to pin down what their influences are but I would edge my bets on Muse, Michael Nyman, Marillion and Mike Oldfield. This, their debut album is driven by Rosenoer piano giving it a very European feel.

The title track opens the album and I find myself transported back to the 80's with Aha and Red Box ringing in my ears. The title track resurfaces later in the form of Dragonflies II and is given an out of place euro dance makeover that is so bad as to actually be funny. This is an album that is music by numbers from start to finish. There is no passion on display here. It reeks of blandness from start to finish. The fact that Rosenoer composes soundtracks comes as no surprise. The workman like War part 1 and 2 are so mechanical in their execution that they supply nothing more than background muzak.

The inclusion of two bonus tracks serves only to prolong the boredom. Adventure has lyrics so cringingly bad that it is hard to believe that they are to be taken seriously while the vocals are lightweight and soulless.

The musicianship is hard to fault but the execution, songwriting and vocals just don't cut it. If everyone is indeed talking, it ain't about these guys.


[] (1/5)