Lee Harvey Osmond: A Quiet Evil

~ Friday, 5 March 2010
What a great name. You gotta love it... Choosing a name like Lee Harvey Osmond means that you have also got to be able to back it up musically if you are going to pull it off with any aplomb. The Canadian band (yes another one), are an interesting beast. Musically they have much in common with the likes of Ry Cooder and fellow countrymen The Band, so the music is as you might expect slick, inventive and engaging, earning them the label of 'Acid Folk'. Led by former Junkhouse front man Tom Wilson, the band has a stellar cast of musicians on display, 17 to be precise and each one of them does indeed pull it off with aplomb.

This is a vibe album. It sound superb. Credit must go to producer Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies for capturing an earthiness while retaining a beautiful warmth. Opener The Love Of One
is a mellow rhythm driven slice of Americana that sounds like Chris Isaak jamming with Robbie Robertson on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon while throwing back a few cold beers. Contender for stand out track is Cuckoo's Nest with its mix of Americana, Blues, Soul and Jazz. A strange combination but believe me it works beautifully.

You could hardly call A Quiet Evil an upbeat album with only I Can't Stand It and Parkland taking the tempo to more than a stroll but that is this albums charm. It is a record for chilling to and for turning the lights down low. As I said it is a vibe album and as such it works perfectly.
Put on Lucifer's Blues and pour yourself a 15 year old Laphroaig and tell me if I'm lying. This is a great album, different but great.


[][][][][ (4.5/5)