Rory McVicar: Another Sleepless Night

~ Tuesday, 9 March 2010
I suppose you could call Another Sleepless Night a concept album. The theme of the album is based around the premise of being unable to sleep for a whole night and McVicar wrote and recorded most of the album on that premise. Despite his lack of sleep the songs contained here show he is a capable songwriter with a quirky mellow edge. Think Stephen Fretwell covering Radiohead and your in the ballpark.

McVicar is blessed with a sweet falsetto voice that complements his sparse arrangements to great effect, especially on the haunting That's Life and Darlin' Wait where the vocal interaction with Nat Johnson (of The Figureheads) works brilliantly, but
most of this album suffers from a sameness. From the guitar sound to the drums, to the twee production it becomes hard to tell tracks apart. When things work they work brilliantly like on I Will Take The Blame, a song that captures the heartache of Richard Hawley with the folk/country sensibilities of Johnny Cash. (Don't You) Call Me Names sounds like a long lost Lloyd Cole gem while album closer Another Sleepless Night with its tin can vocals and reverb laden keys is the undoubted highlight of a patchy album.

You get the sparks of a formidable talent with McVicar, just not the fire at the moment.

[][][] (3/5)