Soulcage: Soul For Sale

~ Saturday, 27 March 2010
We do like a bit of rock here at TMC towers but we're old fashioned. None of this poodle permed make up wearing candles in the air nonsense for us. Give us bearded men dressed in denim, leather and a cod piece and we're happy. Musically speaking of course. Finnish rockers Soulcage fall into the latter category and are thankfully a million miles away from the pantomime of fellow country men Lordi and The Rasmus. Soulcage play good old fashioned rock that takes it cue from the likes of Queensryche, Whitesnake and Dio.

Guitars and organ are to the fore with catchy opener Flaming Flowers (Send in the Clowns), an anti capitalist anthem that is driven by a relentless beat and singer Aleski Parviainen's powerful vocals. His vocals impress again on the dark My Canvas, My Skin with its soaring chorus building out of the sparse arrangement of the verses.

Classic 80's rock fans will love Until You Find Me, all retro synths and harmony soaked chorus but they don't cover them themselves in glory with the sickly soft rock ballad Satellite Children. It sounds completely out of place and certainly wouldn't be missed if they had left it out. Thankfully there is enough quality on here to forgive them and they redeem themselves with the blistering You Get So Alone sounding like The Foo Fighters with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson on vocal duties.

As rock albums go this is mighty fine. It's not perfect but it is hugely enjoyable.

[][][][] (4/5)