Emil Friis: The Road To Nashville

~ Thursday, 29 April 2010
The Road To Nashville is the 3rd album from Danish singer songwriter Friis and moves slightly away from the roots based Americana sound of the first two releases. For many music fans Nashville holds a fasination and Friis is no different, though perhaps it is more America and Americana in general in Friis's case. Recorded in just two days in that well known hotbed of country music, Sweden, Friis has again teamed up with local musicians and crafted an atmospheric and left sided take on a musical style that is already well catered for.

Friis's voice has a nasal quality to it similar to David Gray and his accent and phrasing seem strange at first but quickly become quite endearing like on the title track where the sparse arrangement and interaction between the trumpet, guitar and piano make for a heady mix. The downbeat and melancholy vie for attention all over this album with tracks like Everything's Ruined and These Two Hands being prime examples while still being strangely beguiling never the less.

If you are looking for a record that you can chill to, unwind to and a record that sounds like an old friend then this will do the trick. The musicianship throughout is faultless and the production is reminiscent of that wide sound that made the likes of Chris Isaak's records sound so good.

The Road To Nashville may just sit a wee bit to far outside the comfort zone for Country and Americana fans to pick up on but that would be a pity as it breathes some new life into a genre that often needs its boundaries pushed.


[][][][] (4/5)