Ghostfire: The Last Steampunk Waltz (single)

~ Saturday, 17 April 2010
There’s a strangely beguiling Olde London town subplot to Ghostfire’s The Last Steampunk Waltz. The self financed new single delivers two thought provoking and dramatic songs. They are quite difficult to place musically. Maybe a mixture of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and The Cramps, doing a prog rock Victorian operetta.

They remind me of goth bands like The Mission or Sisters of Mercy, bands who used to open up for Killing Joke or Echo and The Bunnymen. The type of bands who would be on Cherry Red or Blanco y Negro in the eighties, making the front cover of Sounds because of their hedonism. A bit of money thrown at them by a major willing to take a punt
wouldn’t harm them either. They’d certainly be a warm addition to the pap on the charts these days.

Downside? Not really enough to go on with two songs, I’d like to hear more and with any luck and a deal they could deliver a great album.

Review by Charlie Brown