The Len Price 3: Pictures

~ Wednesday, 14 April 2010
The Len Price3 were born in the wrong decade, in fact the wrong country. They shouldn’t be British and hail from Kent. They should’ve been from America, probably the North West, guzzling Romilar D cough syrup and starring on a Nuggets Collection from the mid to late sixties. If like me, you believe that Mount Rushmore should be carved with The Stoogies, that it all started with Louis Louis and The Velvet Underground added some art school cool then it’s simple, you either get it or you don’t. On Pictures, a glorious album, this band get it.

The Len Price 3 bring a more quintessential, Kinks, Who and Yardbirds feel. Having a great record collection is just as crucial as geography. Their reference point seems to be mid to late 60s classic British pop. Pictures and Keep Your Eyes On Me will draw obvious comparisons to The Who and The Kinks but the delivery and feel is closer to the The Action and The Creation. The album has more hooks than Peter Hook compering a Captain Hook convention. They understand the concept, structure and feel of the pop song and it’s exciting to hear quirky lyrics, great harmonies, fantastic guitar and at this point let’s give a nod to Neil Fromow’s excellent drumming.

The album was recorded on tape, giving an authentic 60’s analogue feel. There’s shades of The Flaming Groovies and Redd Kross on The Girl Who Became A Machine and You Tell Lies. There’s also a nod to The Turtles on The Great Omani. Pictures doesn’t fade out, by track 12 Under the Thumb, I honestly believe I’m hearing about the fifth hit single.

This band should be massive but for now we get to have them all for ourselves. Buy it. Cherish it. It’s out now on Wicked Cool Records, the catalogue number’s WC032 (CD) and WC033 (LP) you’ve no excuses.

[][][][][] (5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown