Pearl & The Puppets: Because I Do (ep)

~ Thursday, 22 April 2010
Listening to this ep you would probably find it hard to believe that Pearl aka Katie Sutherland hails from Kirkintilloch, just outside Glasgow. Why? Well the young Miss Sutherland sings in a faux 'Mockney' accent that makes you immediately think of Kate Nash or Lily Allen.

I have seen Pearl & The Puppets, and indeed pre-puppet Katie, live on many occasions. Live she connects with an audience with an undeniable ease and a bucketful of charm. On this 4 track ep there is none of this charm or between song banter to distract the listener and what you get is generic pop/folk that sounds like countless other artist out there. This is unoriginal and uninspired middle of the road music for those who think Katie Melua is cutting edge. The title track has Ms Sutherland in full 'Mockney' flow and will no doubt have certain Radio 2 dj's falling over themselves to play it. Girlfriend and Mango Tree bring nothing new to the mix while Lower Ground has b-side written all over it.

Island records obviously see something here that my ears are missing as they have signed her up and hooked her up with some impressive names in the studio. Twenty First Artists management, home to Lily Allen and James Blunt, have also taken her on their books and she has already had two songs used on tv adverts, so it would appear that playing it safe, predictable, unoriginal, unimaginative and giving hefty nods and winks to the musical styles of other artists is the way to go. Who would have thought it.

I really wanted to like this ep as live the band are an enjoyable experience but I just can't find anything positive to say about it.