Sandi Thom: This Ol' World (single)

~ Friday, 9 April 2010
Thom's career up til now has been built on one incredibly annoying song, media manipulation and clever management. Some things never change.

Changing musical genres as often as most people change their underwear, Thom has now turned her attention to the blues (yeh... it is as bad as it sounds) and called in the considerable talents of Joe Bonamassa for this the first single from her forthcoming 3rd studio album, Merchants and Thieves. One real big problem here though, she can't sing the blues. The voice just can't do it. The music and lyrics are cliched, contrived and ultimately forgettable. If Little Britain did a parody of a female blues singer it would pretty much sound like this. Bonamassa tries his best to rescue it with his guitar twiddling but to no avail.

Hopefully this record will reward Thom with what she deserves... obscurity. Can't wait for the album.