George Demure: The Drifter

~ Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Scottish musician and songwriter Demure makes an eclectic sound that fuses electronica with live instruments for a retro sound right down to the production. You can hear the likes of Beck (Dress Me Up), Visage (Liza) and OMD (Cold Blooded Old Times) in his songs but he is most definitely his own man with his own vision as tracks like The Drifter and Vampire Waltz prove.

Demure's voice changes from track to track as he uses it to match the moods he creates. On the brilliant title track, The Drifter, the vibe is 60's lounge and he pulls it off with stunning easy while his interpretation of The Stranglers classic Golden Brown is true to the original but more beguiling and interesting at the same time.

Music need independent artist like Demure to remind us that we don't need the major labels anymore. For a start he would not have been allowed to record such an eclectic album. Demure is not trying to reinvent the wheel. There is nothing on here that we haven't heard before, it's just that he does do it with such flair and humour.

[][][][] (4/5)